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Apples for apples... We've dug up four itineraries of varying standards and placed them side-by-side for you.

Travel can be a subjective thing. For every person that wants to keep the budget down and are willing to put up with longer layovers or lower-rated hotels, there's another that wants a seamless experience with all the bells and whistle.

Then there's the travellers that sit in the middle of the two... arguably the majority.

The challenge that we face is to find a product that meets with your requirements. The lowest price is not always the best price however we will always find the lowest price for your requirements. So if you feel like we're asking too many questions, we're just trying to find the best product for you.

We've put four different styles of Canada & Alaska itineraries side-by-side so your able to compare apples with apples.  Sing out to us if you'd like to discuss in more detail or if you'd prefer a day by day itinerary.


3.5 STAR  

 4 STAR  
5 STAR  
 PRICE $6,999 $7,599 $10,795 $12,799
 DURATION 16 18 18 13
 INCL MEALS 26 24 37 30
 ACCOMMODATION  7 Nights   10 Nights   11 Nights   5 Nights 
ACCOM RATING  2-3 stars   3-4 stars   4 stars   5 stars 
ROCKY MOUNTAINEER  Silver Leaf 2 Days   Silver Leaf 2 Days   Silver Leaf 2 Days   Gold Leaf 2 Days 
 CRUISE?  Yes - 7 nights    Yes - 7 nights    Yes - 7 nights    Yes - 7 nights  
CRUISE LINE Royal Caribbean  Or Celebrity    Holland America    Holland America    Holland America  
CRUISE CABIN  Inside Cabin   Inside Cabin   Oceanview   Verandah 
FLIGHTS?  Yes With Delta, United Or American   Yes Direct Air Canada   Yes Direct Air Canada   Yes Direct Air Canada 
 TIPPING INCL?   Partial Inclusion   No   Yes   Yes 
 TOUR GUIDE?  Partially Included, Not Guaranteed   Fully Escorted   Fully Escorted   Fully Escorted 
STAR RATING 3 3.5 4 5
$$ PER NGHT  $437 P/N   $422 P/N   $600 P/N    $984 P/N  
IDEAL FOR... Those on a tight budget but want to tick off those bucket list items. Tight budget but would prefer better located hotels. Those that prefer a better hotel and a few more  'included' experience. For those that want the ultimate experience and  hardly dip into their pocket while on tour.
OUR COMMENTS... "When you need to tick it off your bucket list and are happy to stay in standard accommodations not close to town, yet still visit major attractions.
Perfect for those who do not need their hand held, as the tour may not be fully escorted.
Can be fast paced with little down time, however represents great value for money.
May have to pay for additional expenses such as tipping and additional tours when. 
Tour group size may be 40+ "
"Fully escorted tour with good quality accommodation in good locations. Offers good value for those who need the assistance of a fully guided tour, while not paying for optional extras you may not use.
Breakfast usually included with optional excursions extra as required. Can be fast paced with a lot of 1 night stays.
Very good reputation with over 50 years Industry experience."
"A very high quality , fully escorted tour staying at minimum 4 star accommodation in excellent locations. Inclusive of more meals and activities, however having the option to pay for additional items such as drinks ensures you are not paying for anything you do not use. Excellent reputation with fantastic tour guides ensure you will come away from your holiday full of knowledge and experience of your destination." "The best of the best with a fully inclusive experience. Never worry about having to put your hand in your pocket, when everything is pre-paid before you travel. Accommodation features 5 star Premium brands in rooms that feature Balconies or views of your scenery. Perfect for those who want it all done for you, performed with an exceptional service. No stone goes un-turned to ensure your experience is pure luxury and you feel spoiled on tour. Activities exclusive to the tour operator will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience, while still ensuring your bucket list locations are ticked off in style."

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The latest offers from Ucango, direct to your inbox Join for free