Wellness & Life Success Retreat

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Enjoy 4 day on Queensland's Sunshine Coast with daily activities from 7 experts in their relevant field.

The Wellness Wellbeing + Life Success Retreat is a unique, luxurious and powerful 4-day synthesis of education and experience across neuroscience, mindfulness, nutrition, positive psychology, meditation, movement and leadership.

4 Wellness Wellbeing + Life Success Retreat

  • September 13-16 at 'Aquila Retreat' on the Sunshine Coast
  • Weekend only passes from $1847pp
  • 4 day passes from $2347pp


  • Daily guided meditations
  • An active nature scramble amongst the sub-tropical gardens
  • A silent tropical garden ramble
  • Daily restorative activities including Yoga in the Kasbah, Yin Yoga at the lily pond, Tai Chi and Chocolate Meditation
  • A hot stone, relaxation massage in the Nature Spa
  • A plant-based vegetarian cooking class demonstration
  • Experience the life-changing power of the 4C’s Coaching Methodology in enriching each desired area of your life 
  • Learn how to nurture your physical, emotional and mental health through simple nutritional principles
  • Unmask, and shift your auto-pilot, subconscious programming, and negative behaviour patterns. We have time to dig deep if they've been hiding for a long time.
  • Bring motivation and sustainability to your success supporting behaviours 
  • Rid yourself of frustrating and continual self-sabotage
  • Bridge the gap between who you know you're capable of being and who you are showing up as 
  • Shift your entire way of thinking, feeling, being, doing and having
  • Shift your experience of fear and self-doubt, and tap into unlimited human potential
  • Set clear boundaries with the key players in your life, and dissolve destructive expectations
  • Learn how to blend essential oils safely and how to use them to shift negative emotional states
  • Rediscover your creativity, and use it to optimise your time and energy
  • Experiment with new culinary skills that will blow your mind. Have your tastebuds wowed, and discover just how versatile and tasty vegetables can be when you know which to combine and what to do with them.
  • Walk away with clarity, strategies for confidence and conviction, a framework for consistency, and charge to see it through in the face of fear and doubt. You will have created a uniquely doable and motivating plan for your every day and every goal.


  •     4 days at Aquila Retreat, an architectural eco-designed, luxury home situated on top of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.  Aquila is nestled amongst 9.5 acres of magnificent bamboo, water gardens and rain forest, with sweeping views of Moreton Island and the Glass house mountains. Aquila Retreat sits just 7 minutes from Mooloolaba beach.
  •     3 nights luxury accommodation in a peaceful ensuited sleep sanctuary, with sitting area, and a deck, patio or rainforest garden extending from each room. A quiet respite for pausing and self-enquiry.
  •     All day stunning meals and snacks; nourishing, locally sourced and seasonal  
  •     Daily barista-made morning coffees, bottomless organic herbal teas through the days
  •     Two evening glasses of organic wine each day
  •     Sunset welcome on the deck-bar
  •     Fire pit concluding celebration with dinner and drinks
  •     In room surprises 
  •     A wellness loaded gift bag
  •     An all-day Self-Care and organic Aroma-Blending station
  •     Many nature bathed breakout spaces
  •     Pool / spa lounging, and billiards  
  •     An optional free time beach visit

This 4-day experience is for you if....
  • You're craving a more intentional, meaningful and fulfilling experience of life, restored vitality, authentic connection, courage, creativity and compassion. 
  • You're ready to create a life very far removed from distraction, reactivity, depletion, isolation, self-doubt and fear sitting in the driver’s seat and limiting what you know you're capable of achieving in life.
  • And/or you're a couple seeking to recalibrate a connected vision and aligned intentions 

The 5 things you'll come away with...
  1. An updated intelligence on human potential, human biology and human behaviour to shift your current state of being, thinking, feeling, doing and having
  2. Tools and strategies to power your health, wellness and life success (learn, experience and integrate essential vitalising rituals and behaviours into your daily schedule without overwhelm)
  3. Your vision, goal and behaviours aligned with your self-concept; beliefs, expectations, values, thoughts, and feelings (when your goals are out of alignment with your self-concept, life goes wrong)
  4. New and authentic connections (remember the saying about the 5 people you surround yourself with most often?)
  5. A restored and clear plan to move toward, underpinned by science and research, and individually tailored to your life




WEEKENDER PASS... see FAQ's for details

Do I have to participate in every activity?
This retreat has been curated for optimal transformation, however, it's really still your retreat. You can certainly choose to sit out the early morning active sessions if you love your sleep ins.

To stay or not to stay?
For the Sunshine Coast locals, you are welcome to stay or  alternatively you can stay at home and join on a Weekender Pass. 

The schedule may slightly alter, however your Weekender pass entitles you to:
  • Friday 5pm commencement, sunset welcome, 2 evening sessions and a table talk dinner, wrapping up at 9pm
  • Saturday begins from 6.30am with optional active session and breakfast, and first outcome session from 9am. We end the day with a cooking class, dinner and wine, another impact session, culminating at 8.45pm
  • ​Sunday begins at 6.15am with optional active session and breakfast, with the first outcome session beginning at 9am. Weekenders are welcome to stay for the Fire Pit end of retreat celebration which commences at 7pm and runs later into the evening.
VIP retreat guests who stay at Aquila Retreat in the luxurious sleep sanctuaries for 3 nights, also enjoy a complimentary relaxation/hot stone massage, bedroom gift surprises valued over $100, and a Monday morning Tai Chi session and breakfast at Cafe Vie. 

I'm staying, when do I check in and out?
For VIP Retreat guests, check-in is between 2.00-5.00pm. We begin the sunset welcome on the deck just after 5pm, followed by our first impact session, a delicious table table talk dinner and evening session.
Checkout is at 10am on Monday morning, after a restorative Tai Chi session and stunning breakfast at Cafe Vie.​ 

Is there free time?
You have 3 hours everyday of scheduled free time to enjoy Aquila Retreat or to take a trip down to Mooloolaba beach.
Ultimately this is your get away, so you are welcome to take part or skip the sessions as you please. Obviously this retreat is curated for tremendous life impact, and you're encouraged to attend all sessions.

What's with alcohol?
Whilst this retreat has a restorative and expansive intent, your welcome to BYO additional beneficial wine, as we have VinTech wine fridges upstairs and Gaggenau wine fridge downstairs. Your retreat includes 2 glasses of organic white wine daily.

What do I pack?
Think comfort.
Essentials would be; runners, a jumper, swimmers, a yoga mat if you like yours best, active wear, comfortable day attire. 
We have some couch learning, so please treat this weekend as time to enjoy cozy and relaxed clothing.
Your amenities are provided, however feel free to bring your own.

WEEKENDERS: you may choose to bring a change of clothes for the day after our active morning session. There is an afternoon restorative movement session, so please dress accordingly. Swimmers and your yoga mat. Even a good book to relax during free time.

I have 3 friends, can we all share a room?
We two rooms which can sleep 3 comfortably. Please contact me quickly to arrange individual discounts for triple/quad share. Whilst the room stays available.

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Talk to a Ucango Travel Concierge and quote 3582088

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The latest offers from Ucango, direct to your inbox Join for free