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Well that escalated quickly... have a read of what we've been up to and what we're doing now since lockdown

Well strike me down, who saw that coming? Yeah, we knew Covid-19 was there but gee whiz that was a humdinger of a blindside. So, what unfolded at Ucango while the proverbial hit the giant fan? Here's a summary of arguably the most surreal 3 months of all our travel lives.


First thing we did once borders shut down was strap on our cape and worked miracles to try and get our clients back from overseas. You know how the band kept playing while the Titanic was sinking? Yeah, well we were the band.

It was extremely difficult as airlines had obviously severely reduced schedules and everyone was also trying get a seat of their own on the next flight home. Everyone was nervous, everyone was on edge, emotions were running wild... but we got there.


The next thing we did was pack up office and had everyone work from home during lockdown. We moved phones, we moved computers, we created email 'rules', there was bit of work needed to get going.

Yep, clearly, we were not making new travel bookings, however we were entering northern hemisphere summer (when most of our client’s travel) so we had to unravel literally thousands of peoples upcoming travel plans. We worked in chronological order as it was an extremely difficult and time consuming process... thank you for your patience.


We dusted off the old Grey Nicolls Single-Scoop and went into bat for our clients to get refunds or credits for unused travel. We're still doing this! Yes, we know it is taking a lot longer than everyone would wish and some of the compensation is not what you had hoped..... however please be assured we are fighting the good fight for you with the travel providers so that you don't have to.

Why the delay? Put simply, nobody was prepared for this so consequently nobody had the systems in place to handle it. 
To put things into perspective, our Airline Ticket Consolidator would normally process 100 airline refunds per month.... they received 200,000 in the first 9 weeks since the borders were closed. And they're currently still receiving 1500 cancellations per day.


We returned to our normal working environment about 3 weeks ago when our government (Qld) eased restrictions. We were still busy cancelling and chasing refunds, but we also made sure we found some time to up skill and brush up on the wide range of travel products in Australia as we knew that would be the first place to take off once restrictions were lifted?  


Not only did we develop personally, but we created an online accommodation booking engine that will blow your mind. While we still stand by the notion that nothing beats a 'human' crafting together the best product to suit you, we equally understand that some people just prefer to do it in their own time...  we now offer both!

It's ready to go and it's amazing... more info below.


Travel is open for business.... well, domestically for the short term and international for 2021 (fingers crossed for earlier). Get in touch... we'd love to help out.


Like to book in your own time and your own pace or, even better, with a glass of wine in hand? No problem. We've now got you covered. Check out our Online Accommodation Booking Service by clicking here or just hit the 'Accommodation' Tab in the top menu of this site.

Here’s the gist of it...

  • Amazing Prices... seriously try them
  • Over 1.5 million properties worldwide
  • 24/7 support
  • Pre-paid rates...
  • ...plus, the ability to hold bookings without paying

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The latest offers from Ucango, direct to your inbox Join for free