African Expert announces Guest Desk

Posted 21 Feb 2011

African Travel Guru Peter Emery has just announced he will hold a regular information session at Ucango Travel & Cruise's Maroochydore office on the first Saturday of each month.
The sessions - which will be held in a one-on-one format - will provide travellers the opportunity to sit down with and African travel specialist to advise and plan what to see and do on an African adventure.
An African travel veteran from both ends of the desk, Peter has planned more trip tot he continent for himself and others than he can remember.

"For 35 years I've been in love with Africa, her people, her wild places and her wildlife," he says.  "I have 20 years experience as a travel consultant and manager and now have a dream gig as Ucango Travel's Africa specialist."

Staff Profile

Name: Peter Emery

Years in Travel: 20

Countries visited – France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Greece, Malta, Gibraltar, Israel, USA, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Maldives, India, Fiji, Vanuatu, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, New Zealand, all states and territories of Australia.

First thing I pack when I Travel – My passport.  Won’t get too far without it.  Second thing – my binoculars.

Best Travel memory or experience – Riding into Timbuktu on the back of a 4 ton truck and thinking “Wow!! I’m here, this place really does exist.  It’s not just a fictional place my mother used to threaten me with exile to when I misbehaved.  

A Must see experience– A herd of wild African elephants playing at a waterhole.  The trumpeting, the splashing and sheer abandonment and joy will move you to tears.  

A Must do experience 
–   “Flight of Angels” ultra-light flight over Victoria Falls.

A Must taste – Kudu kebabs cooked on a smoky fire, dipped in mustard sauce and washed down by a rich, peppery South African shiraz.  (Must be eaten outside under the stars and if possible accompanied by the whooping and cackling of hyenas.)   

Some useless info about myself – I have 8 pet guinea fowl.
Bookings can be made by calling Ucango Travel & Cruise on 1300 822 646.

Peter also is a regular columnist in our Features section of this site plus has his own African Blog and is also the author of the humorous Billy The Pig Blog. Back to blog

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